A woman DJ's in a park with a crowd of people gathered around to watch and enjoy.

Since its inception in 2013, Night Out in the Parks has provided thousands of hours of safe, diverse, and unique arts programming where artists and audiences can connect and celebrate Chicago’s rich cultural tapestry in neighborhood parks.

With generous support from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) as well as support from additional local funders, NOITP produces free cultural events annually in all 77 community areas of Chicago. 

Through multiple disciplines:  theater, music, movies, dance, site-specific work, nature programs, and community festivals, the Chicago Park District brings high caliber performances and world-class cultural events into our parks.

Night Out in the Parks draws upon the expertise of community members and park staff, as well as arts programmers and cultural producers to curate work that reflects the lives and experiences of Chicago’s citizens. Collectively we strive to curate a season of partnerships that enhance quality of life across Chicago by amplifying artistic and cultural vibrancy in every neighborhood.  Our programs aim to support artists, facilitate community-based partnerships and programs, cultivate civic engagement, and ensure equity in access to the arts for all Chicagoans.

The Goals of Night Out in the Parks are:

  • To ensure that every Chicago neighborhood has access to quality arts and cultural programming that reflects Chicago’s robust cultural landscape.
  • To provide all Chicagoans the opportunity to experience cultural events and celebrate local artists in their neighborhood parks.
  • To support Chicago-based artists with new audiences, resources, and opportunities to grow.
  • To increase Chicago parks’ utilization, safety, and community connectivity through the arts

The Chicago Park District has partnered with the local arts and community organizations listed below for Night Out in the Parks 2021.

Learn more about the Night Out in the Parks Proposal process:  Night Out in the Parks Proposal Process



We are excited to bring free cultural events back to our parks, and appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to keep you and your neighbors safe and healthy in our parks. 

As a program of the Chicago Park District, we are dedicated to not only upholding the safety measures put in place via our local, state, and federal safety teams, but we strive to model those best practices for audiences and community members in our programming and processes. For the latest guidance please review: https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/sites/covid-19/home/latest-guidance.html 

To protect yourself, others and our parks, all performances/events will have the following guidelines in place:

Masks and Face Coverings
As per the City of Chicago's guidelines for park use, all park users should continue to wear face coverings when in a crowd – like when enjoying a Night Out in the Parks or Movies in the Parks event. While the CDC announced an updated mask guidance that would allow vaccinated people to stop wearing masks in the majority of indoor and outdoor settings, the Chicago Park District guidance remains the same. As vaccination is not a requirement for our employees and the focus of our programming is youth, who are not eligible to receive the vaccine, and families, masks are still required to be worn by staff and patrons in our parks.

Safe Physical Distancing
Be Safe Chicago's Guidelines for park use advise that social groups in park settings maintain a >6ft distance in open spaces. We ask that patrons be aware of their surroundings and proactively maintain a >6ft distance from other park users outside their household group.

Self-Monitor For Symptoms
Before entering a public space, and before taking part in an activity like Night Out in the Parks or Movies in the Parks, patrons and staff alike are expected to self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19 and monitor their own health. If symptoms are present, patrons are asked to stay home, self-isolate and follow CDPH guidelines. 

Hand Washing and Sanitizing
Park patrons are advised to wash their hands, or use a hand sanitizer, after any contact with high-touch surfaces or contact with a non-household individual. Further, park patrons are strongly encouraged to thoroughly wash hands, shower and launder clothes after returning home from a park activity. 

Please note, park fieldhouses and restrooms may not be open during Night Out in the Parks events.

Park Patrons Are Expected to Practice Courtesy
We ask that all of our park patrons and event staff follow these guidelines and policies as a common courtesy for one another, and for the city we call home. Parks are common ground and public space, we should all be comfortable and safe here.  Focusing on your own precautionary measures and respecting the boundaries and space of others is an effective way to make that happen.



2021 Partners