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Your Night Out at Home

The Chicago Park District is pleased to present a new way to spend a Night Out—at Home. We’re bringing the show to you!   
Join us as we shine a virtual spotlight on the 2020 Night Out in the Parks partners this summer, sharing the best of Chicago’s performing arts community in the comfort of your home. 

“Your Night Out at Home” features select works from Night Out artists from across Chicago, providing a chance to travel and explore the incredible breadth of talent our city offers. You’ll find a diverse array of established companies and emerging artists across many disciplines, inviting you to experience something new and keeping you connected to the rhythm of the city.

Below, you’ll find a growing program of performances ranging from dance to jazz, theater to world music. Watch a few or watch them all, but check back as we’ll add videos weekly throughout the summer. If you’re thirsty for more, dive into the list of all 120 artist awardees for the 2020 season, with links to their websites and social media so you can get to know them.

Until we can safely gather for an evening of Night Out in the Parks performances, we’ll continue to create ways for us to sing, dance, engage, and celebrate our city’s vibrant culture, together. 

Your Night Out at Home is Supported by:



City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

Music in the Key of Chicago



AMFM is a brand for artists and the people. We support emerging and established artists by offering a platform through our web content, our curated events and collaborations. AMFM hosts events combining the arts to cultivate community, diversity, inclusivity, intergenerational engagement and of course, good vibes. From art shows at galleries, concerts, and activations, we host and curate all kinds of events. Projects and events for AMFM have been featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, with Red Bull and Pitchfork, on Chicago’s Fox 32, and published The Chicago Reader, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, Southside Weekly, Afropunk, The Milwaukee Business Journal, Millennial Magazine, and more.

AMFM's Annual Feast Festival is coming right to your kitchen table this year! Join AMFM and guest chef musicians, Solo Sam and Via Rosa as they make meals using ingredients from our Imperfect Produce box giveaway at Dvorak Park. Feast is a festival that celebrates emerging artists, and brings awareness to food deserts in Chicago. #everybodyeats

Videographer/Video Editor: Brizzy Danks 
Video Editor: Ciera McKissick
Music Title: Solo Sam "Breezin' & Coolin", DRAMA "Walk Away" and "Hopes Up'
Musicians: Via Rosa, Solo Sam
Film Location: Dvorak Park, Homes of Via Rosa and Solo Sam
Film Date:9/12/2020, 9/13/2020
Audio/Video Production Credits: Brizzy Danks


Eighth Blackbird

Eighth Blackbird moves music forward through innovative performance aesthetics, generating new work, and a legacy of mentoring emerging artists. Led by Lisa Kaplan and Matthew Duvall, Eighth Blackbird realizes its mission through four initiatives: Eighth Blackbird, the award-winning sextet; Blackbird IV, a piano/percussion duo featuring founding members Lisa Kaplan and Matthew Duvall; Blackbird Creative Lab, the organization's mentoring arm; and Blackbird Productions, a platform for wide-ranging creative projects.

Song for Low Tree features a composition of the same name by Matthew Burtner, who writes:  "Song for Low Tree: A melody from human exhalation, transposed several octaves lower into the range of a bass tree, the rate of a drum, a log, pieces of wood; in counterpoint with patterns from a tree exhalation, transposed several factors up into the rate of a human song. Play it like that… as   if you are communicating with the tree, reaching deep to hear it, playing to it.” Exploring this poetic pairing of symbiotic respiration, Eighth Blackbird embraces our codependence with the green world around us.

Music Title:  Song for Low Tree
Composer:  Matthew Burtner
Musicians:  Matthew Duvall, Percussion
Filmed on location:  The Nest at Eighth Blackbird
Film Date:  September 11, 2020
Audio Production:  Matthew McCabe
Video Production:  Nick Zoulek
Acknowledgement:  Created for Night Out in the Parks: Your Night Out At Home, and funded by The Chicago Park District and the City of Chicago, who have our sincere gratitude. Special thanks to Krista Bryski Richard and Dayna Calderón. 


Son Monarcas

Son Monarcas is a Latin Folk Fusion ensemble based in Chicago and led by Mercedes Inez Martinez and Irekani Ferreyra. Like that of the Monarch Butterfly, they take you on a musical migration from the USA to Latin America by fusing indie soul with traditional son & cumbia.

In Son Monarcas' project "Yogiposa", a play on the words yoga and mariposa (butterfly), multi-instrumentalists Mercedes Inez and Irekani Ferreyra create a magical soundscape of ambient beats, healing frequencies, and rich harmonies to accompany a live all level bilingual yoga class. Son Monarcas combines bilingual compositions for voice, guitar, violin, requinto jarocho, kalimba, looping, and drums. "Yogiposa" ranges from ambient tribal meditation to downtempo world-infused grooves. 

Music recorded at Alebrije Studios  
Music Album / Song Titles:  
"Yogiposa" EP Album: "Yogiposa" - Music for Yoga by Son Monarcas |
Song Titles: Shanti, Kassa, Rise Above, Respira, Glass Dreams, Be Here Now 
Composer: Mercedes Inez Martinez 
Arranger: Mercedes Inez Martinez 
Musicians: Mercedes Inez Martinez, Irekani Ferreyra 
Instructor: Alexia Bauer
Film Location: Industrial Arts 
ChicagoFilm Date: 9/5/2020 

Audio/Video Production Credits: 
Audio by Mercedes Inez Martinez & Irekani Ferreyra / Video by Alexia Bauer 


A.J. McClenon

"Once born, Black holes can grow by accepting matter that falls into them..." Once born we fall into one another. A generational accretion so powerful that we've embodied neighborhood stars. The choir sang into a gravitational pull "this little light of mine" until we've exceeded the speed of light. A Blackness so Black with three to dozens of time the Sun's mass. 

Featuring in order of appearance: Mrs. Jaunita Mitchell, Ronald Mallett, Felecia Burnett, Chasitie Neal, Abdul R Timbo 

Black Hole Sun covered by Jennah Bell 
Congo Solo by Smoke 
Deep Drum and Bass by Tribal Rhythm 
Ice Wind For Sabina by AJ McClenon 



Night Out in the Parks

The summer of 2020 challenged the Chicago Park District, Night Out in the Parks, and local arts partners to present our diverse cultural tapestry in a new way.  In addition to creating the digital “Your Night Out At Home” series, the Park District partnered with WTTW to launch “The Stars In Your Backyard,” a 5 week series presented on Friday afternoons this past summer. The program is a collection of new and archived performances in public parks and spaces that celebrates Chicago’s finest artists and the spirit of public performance.


It gives us great pleasure to re-feature this series here for your enjoyment!



Featuring Las Bompleneras, Midnight Circus in the Parks, A Flor de Piel, and The Rosina Project



Featuring Chicago Philharmonic, Fifth House Ensemble, Xochitl-Quetzal Aztec Dance, and Najwa Dance Corps




Featuring Walkabout Theater, Tsukasa Taiko, Kalapriya Foundation, and The Rosina Project


Featuring Nejla Yatkin, Africaribe, and Angel Bat Dawid


Featuring Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks



Night Out in the Parks Video Archive

For even more virtual Night Out in the Parks content, check out these videos from previous weeks of Your Night Out at Home. 


About Face Theatre

Power in Pride at Home: The Constitution of Queerdom

Power in Pride at Home: My Power Is

Power in Pride at Home: Whose History


Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians

Great Black Music Ensemble "In These Times"




The Beat Bank/Brother El

Sandbox Symphony IV Documentary


Sandbox Symphony V



Black Empire Sound System

The Black Internationale




The Chicago Astronomer

Urban Astronomy in the Parks

Understanding Telescopes



Clinard Dance

Everyday People Everyday Action




Dance in the Parks

This Dance is for the Parks




Deeply Rooted Dance Theater

Essence: A Portrait of Four Women




Environmental Encroachment

Triple Line March





Free Street Theater

Friday Night Littering & Trash Orchestra


Who Cleans




Full Moon Jam

Digital Full Moon Jam

Full Moon Reserve Jam



The Happiness Club

The HC Slide

Shake that Stress Off



Jabberwocky Marionettes

Adventures of a Dart Frog Puppet Band

Bumble Bee Song

Tambourine Turtle Puppet


Kalapriya Foundation

Ahimsa: The Power of Non-Violence

Steps to Peace



Little Village Solidarity Network

Seeing You




Live the Spirit Residency

Dr. Reid

Not Sure Yet



Lux Cantorum

God of Many Faiths




Mandala South Asian Performing Arts

Beats & Bliss




Marimacha Monarca Press

Print Pollination




Nejla Yatkin Dance

Lady of the Pond




PlayMakers Laboratory

That's Queer, Grandma





School of Rock





Surabhi With Juan Dies

Un Respiro Libre





Synapse Arts

Weave Trees







2020 Night Out in the Parks Partners

• 2nd Story

• Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events • Mariachi Arts and Culture Academy
• A Flor de Piel • Devcorp North DBA Rogers Park Business Alliance • Marwen Foundation
• A g Thing! / Glenance Green • DJ Monty • Mercedes Inez Martinez-Chavez
• A.J. McClenon & Kristin Abhalter Smith • DJ Sean Alvarez • Midnight Circus in the Parks
• About Face Theatre Collective • Ea Williams • Mixed Company Band
• AFRICARIBE, NFP • Earl Hall • NAJWA Dance Corps
• Aloft Circus Arts • Ecstatic Dance Chicago • National Museum of Mexican Art, Yollocalli Arts Reach
• AMFM • Eighth Blackbird Performing Arts Association • Nejla Yatkin
• Animate Studio • Elastic Arts Foundation • Next Level Society
• Anita Darwish • Environmental Encroachment • North Lawndale Community Center in Chicago (NLCCC)
• Anna Martine Whitehead • Eric Leonardson • Opera-Matic
• Art Institute of Chicago • Ethan Sellers Music, LLC • Out of Site: See the Vision, Grab the Vision
• Asian Improv aRts MidWest • Experimental Sound Studio • Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
• Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians • Fifth House Ensemble • PlayMakers Laboratory
• Audience Architects / See Chicago Dance • Free Street Theater • Ramblin' Rose and the 290 East Ramblers
• Ayako Tsuchiya • Freedom Song Leaders • Resident Association of Greater Englewood
• Big Dipper Projects, Inc., The Lucky Trikes • Friends of Big Marsh • Reunion Chicago
• Brent Ervin-Eickhoff • Full Moon Jam Foundation • Sarah Maritza Hernández
• Brother El • Gallery 400 and Adela Goldbard • Sarah Ross with Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project
• Capoeira Chicago • Grace Needlman and Will Bishop • School of Rock Chicago
• Chicago Astronomer/Joseph Guzman • Grant Park Music Festival • Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center
• Chicago Community Ensemble • Guild Literary Complex • SGA Youth and Family Services
• Chicago Dancemakers Forum • Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles (ICYOLA) • Society of Smallness
• Chicago Fringe Opera • International Music Foundation • South Chicago Dance Theatre and Isaiah Spencer Collective
• Chicago Philharmonic Society • Intonation Music • South Suburban Festival
• Chicago Public Media • Jabberwocky Marionettes • Stephanie Hedwige Pielok
• Chicago Shakespeare Theater • James L. DeLette Jr. • Stone Soup Shakespeare Theater Company
• Chicago West Community Music Center • Jazz Institute of Chicago • Surabhi Ensemble
• Chinatown Museum Foundation • John Walt Foundation • Synapse Arts Collective
• CircEsteem, Inc. • Johnny Allen • The Beverly Area Arts Alliance
• CirquesExperience by Chicago Wheel JAM • Jorge Felix • The Happiness Club
• Clinard Dance • Kalapriya Foundation, Center For Indian Performing Arts • TRQPITECA LLC
• contratiempo • KCR Ensemble • Urban Theater Chicago
• Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange • Kombi LLC • Vanessa Stokes
• Culture Saving • Kuumba Lynx • Villapalooza Inc.
• Damond Hayes • Live the Spirit Residency • Walkabout Theater Company
• Dance in the Parks • Lux Cantorum Chicago • West Indian Dance Theatre
• David Benitez • Lykanthea / ACRE • West Side Cultural Arts Council
• David Boykin • Lyn Rye • Xochitl-Quetzal Aztec Dance
• Deeply Rooted Productions • Mandala South Asian Performing Arts, Inc • Yves Francois Smierciak