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New campaign features diverse Chicago lifeguards who protect lives and are pillars in their communities.
New campaign features diverse Chicago lifeguards who protect lives and are pillars in their communities.
Photo: Chicago Park District

New campaign features diverse Chicago lifeguards who protect lives and are pillars in their communities;

Campaign launches as Park District continues recruiting efforts for 2022 summer lifeguards

CHICAGO – Today, the Chicago Park District launched a new marketing campaign featuring the dedicated lifeguards who serve across the city and make Chicago’s vibrant aquatics recreation and programming possible. Entitled the “I am a Chicago Lifeguard” campaign, this marketing push features a diverse group of talented lifeguards who work tirelessly to keep our beaches and pools safe and enrich the lives of thousands of kids, adults and families who use Chicago Park District pools and beaches. The campaign draws attention to the unique backgrounds and life experiences of our lifeguards while inspiring Chicagoans of all ages and backgrounds to see lifeguarding as fulfilling and positive employment.

“Chicago lifeguards represent so much of what makes our city great,” said Rosa Escareño, Interim General Superintendent and CEO of the Chicago Park District. “Lifeguards come from a variety of different backgrounds and career stages, but together they serve as pillars of their communities and help make aquatic recreation possible for thousands of Chicagoans. I am thrilled to celebrate the contributions of this dedicated team and I encourage any interested Chicagoan to become a lifeguard and embark on a meaningful and worthwhile career opportunity.” 
The “I am a Chicago Lifeguard” campaign launches today and features six Chicago Park District lifeguards with a full range of skills and interests, both in and out of the water. Featured lifeguards range in age from 20 to 64, hail from neighborhoods throughout Chicago and have diverse backgrounds and reasons for becoming a lifeguard.  

“I feel pride in helping make the community better” – Lili
“One of the reasons I joined was to help kids learn how to swim as a life skill” – James

Chicago lifeguards are among the best trained lifeguard corps in the country, undergoing nearly 100 hours of life safety training each year to ensure that they are well equipped to keep our beaches and pools safe. This is a critical part of the job and is featured in the new campaign– Chicago lifeguards are motivated by a calling to keep their community safe and learn valuable skills as a lifeguard that will serve them for their entire lifetime, whether they stay at the Chicago Park District or pursue another career. 

Lifeguarding is about more than just life safety. Chicago lifeguards teach a variety of classes for Chicagoans of all ages, including our popular Learn to Swim classes. The ability to swim is a fundamental life skill made possible for so many Chicagoans thanks to the work of Park District lifeguards – over 20,000 Chicagoans take part in the Learn to Swim Program each year. Chicago lifeguards also coach over 1,000 kids through swim team and water polo, teach popular classes like Senior Aerobics, which can have over 5,000 participants each season, and train future lifeguards. 

“I’d recommend becoming a lifeguard because you can obtain an American Red Cross certificate, which offers valuable life-saving skills and applicable to get hired as a lifeguard anywhere” – Robert
“Being a lifeguard has taught me valuable life-saving skills such as first aid and CPR” – Mike 

The Chicago Park District is currently recruiting to hire 2022 seasonal lifeguards, who will make it possible for us to safely and appropriately open our beaches and pools over the summer.  Interested applicants 16 and older can learn more about the job and apply at   

“I’ve taught kids how to swim who now lifeguard for us in the summer” – Ashley
“This is one of the best jobs for students in the summertime. Get paid to work outside and use your people skills.” - Lili

Ensuring a safe and respectful workplace is the top priority of the Chicago Park District, and all prospective employees and members of the public should know that the Park District has taken a variety of steps to build a Park District rooted in safety, accountability and transparency. Learn more about our efforts to build a better Chicago Park District at As part of this effort, the Chicago Park District just completed three public Town Halls to receive feedback regarding the creation of a new Office of Prevention and Accountability as part of our renewed commitment to public accountability and transparency. The creation of this office is expected via a vote by the Park District Board of Commissioners at the April meeting.  

The “I am a Chicago Lifeguard” campaign launches today at, in posters at our fieldhouses and in billboards throughout the city. The campaign will continue into the summer to remind all Chicagoans that lifeguards are dedicated and motivated public servants working hard to deliver services that make our city a better place to live.