The Chicago Park District provides arts opportunities for all ages. Our experienced instructors and committed community partners offer guidance and open studios for a variety of mediums and skill levels. In addition, the Park District partners with renowned local arts organizations for programs, special events, and performances.    



Class offerings include: African; Ballet; Competitive Dance Team; Hip Hop; Line Dance; Modern; Music and Movement; Steppers; Tap; Dance Camp; and additional specialty dance classes offered through Arts Partners in Residence and local artists.

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Class offerings include: Band; Choir; Drumming; Guitar; Jazz Band; Moms, Pops & Tots Music; Musical Arts; Music and Movement; Piano; Show Choir; Violin; and additional specialty music classes offered through Arts Partners in Residence and local artists.

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Theater & Performing Arts
Class offerings include: Acting; Children’s Theater; Circus Arts; Creative Writing; Improvisation; Literary Arts; Musical Theater; Play Production; and additional specialty theater, performance, and literary classes offered through Arts Partners in Residence and local artists.

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Visual & Media Arts
Class offerings include: Arts and Crafts; Ceramics; Drawing; Family Arts and Crafts;  Film;  Lapidary; Open Studio; Painting; Photography; Printmaking;  Sculpture; Sewing; Textiles; Wood Craft; Upholstery; and additional specialty visual and media art classes offered through Arts Partners in Residence and local artists.

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Specialized Arts Camps, Classes & Workshops

The Chicago Park District provides specialized summer and winter arts camps, classes, and workshops in parks throughout Chicago.

Specialized Offerings
Class offerings include: Art Camp; Dance Camp; Music Camp; Musical Theater Camp; Theater Camp, and additional specialty classes, camps, and workshops offered through Arts Partners in Residence and local artists.

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Young Cultural Stewards
Young Cultural Stewards works with youth ages 0-22 through multimedia production and cultural organizing across Chicago’s 77 community areas. Cultivating our next generation of cultural stewards, YCS fosters lifelong civic engagement through creative play, democratic participation, 21st century skill building, and leadership development. Core programs include TRACE (Teens Re-Imagining Art, Community, and Environment), Inferno Mobile Recording & Media, YCS Fellowship, and ArtSeed Mobile Creative Play. 
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Cultural & Arts Facilities

Additional Resources

Artist Resources
In addition to arts and culture classes and programs, the Chicago Park District offers opportunities, events, and resources for Chicago artists and community members. Learn more about these resources. Learn more.

Arts Partners in Residence
Arts Partners in Residence Program develops long-term collaborations between neighborhood parks and professional arts organizations to serve local neighborhoods’ cultural interests.  Parks are matched with non-profit arts organizations in a barter relationship. The arts organizations provide year-round free public programming in exchange for free use of park space.  Learn more.

Re:Center Project - Enhancing Neighborhood Public Spaces
Re:Center integrates hands-on learning to empower community members, artists and park staff to come together as active planners and cultural programmers to enhance neighborhood public space.  Learn more.


The Chicago Park District’s Arts & Culture Unit (ACU) envisions parks and cultural centers as vital spaces that encourage all Chicagoans to explore the arts and their power to enhance quality of life, neighborhood development, and community dialogue. In a cultural resources portfolio including arts partnerships, community arts programming, and youth arts programs for all ages, ACU strives to increase and maintain quality cultural offerings and experiences for all Chicago's communities.