The Lesson

2045 N Lincoln Park West
Chicago, IL 60614

Location Notes:

West Gate Entrance of the Lincoln Park Zoo

Located Within: Lincoln (Abraham) Park
Artist: Darrell Davis
Installed: 2005
Features: Outdoor, Sculpture



Sculptor Darrell Davis’s The Lesson, a bronze trio of black bears, sits atop one of the limestone pedestals which comprise the Lincoln Park Zoo’s West Gate entrance. In this sculptural group, a mother bear grasps a fish in her mouth as though she is teaching her two young cubs how to fish.

Darrell Davis (b. 1962) lives and works in Arlington, Texas. Specializing in sculptures of animals, his work can be found in other zoos and public spaces including the Dallas Zoo, Columbian Park Zoo in Lafayette, Indiana and Compass Rose Park, Hilton Head South Carolina.

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The Lesson | Artwork

2045 N Lincoln Park West
Chicago, IL 60614
United States