Sankofa for the Earth
Location Notes:

East of Williams-Davis Park

Located Within: Burnham (Daniel) Park
Artist: Arlene Turner Crawford, Dorian Sylvain - South Side Community Art Center (Bronzeville)
Installed: Spring 2016
Awarded: 2015
Features: Outdoor, Temporary, Sculpture



Located within the Burnham Wildlife Corridor, this project features a “Sankofa” bird made from mixed-media (painti, wood, and mosaic) and recycled materials. In Africa, a bird looking backwards over its tail represents the Sankofa symbol, which means “Go back and fetch it.” It is an understanding that our past(s) holds important information to move us forward in life. A support for the bird is constructed of bamboo, found and recycled wood, metal electrical conduit piping, and leather binding. Seating is created from repurposed wood.

The South Side Community Arts Center, which is located in Bronzeville, seeks to preserve, conserve, and promote the legacy and future of African American art and artists while educating the community on the value of art and culture. 

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Sankofa for the Earth | Artwork