A Time of Trumpets is composed of eight mosaic panels set into a large concrete seating wall at the edge of Berger Park's playground. Lead artist Patricia M. Murphy produced the artwork with the assistance of two associate artists and 36 students who served as apprentice artists. The project was sponsored by the Chicago Park District with After School Matters and the Beacon Street Gallery.

Each of the four mosaics on the back of the seating wall depicts a single flower with a trumpet-shaped blossom. The flowers in the center panels are shown standing upright, in early stages of bloom. The flowers depicted in the outer panels are shown bent over, with a humming bird approaching one of the blossoms. The mosaics on the front of the seating wall are more abstract. Viewers might recognize Trumpet Swans and water imagery.

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A Time of Trumpets | Artwork

6205 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60660
United States