The Chicago Park District is committed to complying with the Americans with Disability Act, (ADA) and with any other applicable laws and regulations pertaining to children with disabilities.

The Chicago Park District Policy aims to:

  • Raise awareness of children with Asthma involved in Park District programs.
  • Support strategies that maintain the participation of children with Asthma.
  • Provide a clear set of guidelines concerning accommodating children with Asthma enrolled in Chicago Park District programs.

Children with Asthma may require assistance with Asthma management. Successful participation in Chicago Park District programs and accommodations are dependent on an actively cooperative relationship and ongoing communication between parents/guardians and the Chicago Park District.

Parents/guardians who wish to enroll a child with Asthma should complete an application for the child, a medical management plan, and release form at least one month in advance.

Parents shall provide children with all necessary prescriptives that manage the child’s Asthma.

The Park District trains staff in Asthma awareness and recognition quarterly.