A group of girls smile as they create beautiful artwork at a park camp.
A camp counselor plays cards with a group of campers.
A young boy plays along with other kids in an active park gymnasium.

School is out and fun is in!

Kids can enjoy their school break with other kids their age, in a fun and supervised environment, at an affordable cost.  Campers participate in recreational activities, arts and crafts, and sports along with other fun activities.

Additional information:

  • Offered at various parks across the city
  • Most camps run December 26 - January 5
    Note: Parks are closed on Dec. 25 & Jan. 1
  • Age 6-12 (for most parks)
  • Times vary - most are at least six hours (example 10am – 4pm), many run the full day  
Don’t have your kids sit around the house for the holidays, keep them active & engaged at camp!