Playground Art

3546 W Addison St.
Chicago, IL 60618

Located Within: Athletic Field Park
Artist: Andy Hunt
Year Created: 2008
Installed: 2008
Features: Outdoor, Playground Art



In 2008, the Chicago Park District installed a new playground in Athletic Field Park. As part of the project, a rectangular concrete spraypool was constructed next to the park's historic children's shelter structure. To enliven the knee-walls of the spraypool, Andy Hunt, the park's ceramic instructor, had his students produce colorful tiles. The tile composition depicts an abstract form remniscent of a setting sun emitting bright colors such as yellows, oranges, and reds, adjacent to a sky of blues and greens. The project was co-sponsored by the Athletic Field Advisory Council.

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Athletic Field Playground Art

3546 W Addison St.
Chicago, IL 60618
United States